Andy Wood's past work in many aspects of television, documentary, VR, and more.

Daily VICE

Full-time shooter having worked on over 1,000 short form documentaries for VICE's Daily VICE entity.

The Lolita Fashion Sub-Culture - It started in Japan and now lolita is a fashion sub-culture all over the world. We Follow photographer Hayley Stewart as she undergoes a dramatic lolita transformation.

First Look at Justin Trudeau's Visit to Shoal Lake 40 - Justin Trudeau comes to an isolated indigenous community amid a nationwide outcry over suiced and living conditions on reserves.

Black Lives Matter Protest - 'No Justice, No Peace': Black Lives Matter Protestors Demand Change.

Young Woman's Suicide Prompts Sacred Fire Gathering in Ontario First Nation - After a teenager girl from the community commits suicide, young people in Grassy Narrows First Nation gather for a four-day sacred fire ceremony.

Family Man Who's Helping Keep the Grindcore Scene Alive - Doug Brown is helping to keep the scene alive with 'Slave the Grind', a music festival and future documentary.

Beardonce - Spent the night with Toronto's Beardonce to see how the drag queen sub-culture differs from what we see on Television.

Toronto's Grill Maker - Mazdak Amini is quickly making a name for himself in the world of custom grill making.



VICE Guide to Film SE1 EP10 Interview with Zola Jesus - The ultimate insider's take on today's great directors. Actors and artists from the worlds of Tarantino, Lynch, Spike Lee, Sofia Coppola and many others share the vision and madness behind today's most innovative, influential films.


Director of Photography


Director of Photography

Justin Trudeau Talks Weed - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited at VICE Canada's Toronto office to discuss the government's weed legalization bill at an exclusive live event on April 24th, 2017.

POWER - Motherboard (VICE) teamed with Google to use their new VR camera the Odyssey. An array of 16 GoPro's to capture environments in 360 degrees. We created six episodes titled Power talking about Nuclear energy.

Cut-Off Documentary - A documentary on youth in Indigenous communities, featuring a historic visit by Justin Trudeau to a reserve without clean water.


Camera Operator

CBC Television

Field Shooter and Editor

Steven & Chris SE8 - Lifestyle Show


Music Video Director

Jesse Labelle 'Easier' Music Video


Crystaline 'Never Look Back' Music Video