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Special Flight Operation Certificate

Looking to get an SFOC submitted to Transport Canada for your next shoot that requires aerials from a drone? I can help you out. All you need to do is provide the exact location(s) you will be flying and I can write you an SFOC which you can then submit to Transport Canada to get approved for your next operation. I have past experience working with SFOC’s and dealing with Transport Canada. I also have a ground school certificate in UAV and my Part 107 FAA Remote Airmen Certificate for the United States.

Please note you will need liability insurance for your drone before submitting an SFOC. This is up to you. I will only write the correct document you will submit to Transport Canada. The document is anywhere from 20-30 pages long depending on how complex the operation is.

Please provide your information below. $250 per location, $150 per additional location.

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